SuperDrumFX by Denis Eismann


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SuperDrumFX, Drum sampler with advanced possibilities.

You can make your own sample based drum sets and play it by e-drum or DAW. The main goal of SDFX is to sound like a real acoustic drum set. This goal is reached through the use of sound shaping techniques on a 13 Mb sample set.

  • 13 Mb drum sample library
  • Dynamic interval control (DIVC) on snare and toms
  • Interval control (IVC) on kick, hihat and cymbals
  • Snare position control for Roland VDrums TD12/TD20
  • Note mapping is pre configured to Roland VDrums
  • Easy change note mapping to support other e-drum modules
  • No ‘machine gun effect’
  • Mixer with equalizers
  • Effect processor with 4 simultaneously usable FX

Important : be sure to set up the correct library folder path in ‘system’ from the drop list. Default is C:\SDFX\


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